Introducing Handcode…

Due to the rapid growth we have undergone in the last twelve months our Director, Sam was finding it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of long-standing clients whilst also growing the business through the many referrals we have received since launch.

To put it simply our clients are always delighted with what they are provided with and in technology, positive referrals are the number one in terms of gaining new contracts and new business opportunities. As a result of this Sam spent most of the second half of 2018 looking to add further talented individuals to the Pixel Apps team to satisfy the huge demand for our services and in October 2018 he struck gold.

Here’s what Sam had to say…

Handcode founders Sean and Tom first came onto our radar when we were collaborating on a custom-plugin for our client ‘The Eats Group’ early in April and I was immediately impressed with their level of expertise and most crucially their efficiency.

In August due to the volume of work we had in ourselves we contracted Sean and Tom on-site to build a bespoke piece of management software for internal use and we were thrilled with the end result.

The work completed was flawless and right up there with what I expect from our own team, I was that thrilled in-fact we sat down with Tom and Sean and eventually managed to acquire Handcode as a company along with their expertise to be with us full-time.

With these further additions to the team I will be spending time increasing our online presence in 2019 focussing on garnering new business through both the People Per Hour and Upwork platforms to present the guys with a greater range of challenging projects in design and development.

Welcome aboard Tom and Sean.